Lovely evening~

Continue with my penang post, the following day hubby brings me to the place that i like, Straits Quay. I love this place since i first visit a few months ago. The place is very unique that makes me have the british building feel ^^

 The Port
 Shoot by Hubby~

 And US <3
 Bubbles marathon begins. Have always wanted to blow the bubble with hubby.
 Now, its the chance <3
BLEH im having three bubbles sticking together~
 Can You See Me?
Prentending of a happy child having his ice cream >.<
Next, We head to the beach as i wanted to watch sunset.
But sadly, its gonna rain soon, so no sunset view =(
 Still a happy kid holding coconut tree~
 Love ya hubby *shy*
 And last, a photo of us before i end my post.
 Hope u guys will enjoy reading ^0^

Back to the place~

Last few weeks, went back to penang with the bf. Seriously, i miss there. Miss the place and bf's mama. She always complain to the bf that it have been some times she didnt see me . so yea here am i ^o^

have a short intro about here. This place is called auto-city where there are many shops, restaurants, pub and so on. i know it may sounds stupid for penangnies as this place is so common for them ><
The Love Bridge  
 The Shopping area where most of the shops sell women's apparel.
It does looks like safari park isn't?
 The Shops
    Spotted this cute Hello Kitty luagage bag...awwww me like! @@

                                             The restaurants and cafe of the other side
  Snap a pic with Hubby! yeah ^^
 The next day, hubby bring me to somewhere near Kek Lok Si temple to have yummylicious  
 Laksa. First we planned to went up to kek lok si because i never went there before =( But 
 hubby told me it would be a sweating journey up to there, so well, just forget about it bah =p

                                                            A far view of Kek Lok Si Temple
 The Famous Laksa
one bowl for only Rm 3  MY GOD mad cheap =o
 See the Soup, r u guys hungry?
 Ta daa! The Laksa! although it looks like not so well garnish, but the taste is definitely the best in the world. The soup is full with fresh wolf herring ( ikan parang ) that you barely can see any plain soup. Very recommended <3
 Besides, we ordered this as side dish. i think this thing call as LOBAK? not bad i would say ^^
 Refreshing bamboo juice
 Bought some sourvenir for my friends hee ^^
Stay Tuned for the next penang post ^^

Tokyo Street~

A newly refurbished wing on the 6th Floor of Pavilion KL, has recently re-introduces itself as the Tokyo Street. Though the area wasn’t huge, the new wing of the mall has been filled with Japanese Restaurants,Shopping Outlets, and even a section for Japanese Street/Culture Performances. The Tokyo-like setup of the shops coupled with a plain spread of artificial skylight over them promotes the Japanese street environment, hence, the name.

The design of Tokyo Street was inspired by Asakusa, a district in Tokyo, that blends the urban cosmopolite feel with rich heritage and traditions of Japan.The urban shopping experience is great and are the first in the heart of kuala lumpur.
 Spend a min RM10 at Tokyo Street in a single receipt and write a Tanaba Wish ,
 and get a chance to win a vacation package =)
The Ochado tea that is similiar with Chatime and Gong-cha.
Well, i prefered this....
Signature roasted milk tea
 A japanese buffet concept restaurant.
pay somewhere around rm30++ and eat all you canThe Lomo Shop
Have a try at The Loaf on the street
 and it looks like this....
Taste great as i tried the mushroom chicken, lemon cheese and bolognise.
Some tiny things that i bought..
 Mad like the cute little transparent socks from japan street =D
So if you are in Kuala Lumpur or Pavilion, this is a place you should check out 

6th floor
Pavilion kuala lumpur

Souled out~

On Friday's night, bunch of us head out for a fairwell dinner because our dear yvonne have to fly to aussie for futher studies. The organiser, yvonne decided to have our dinner at a famous joint in Desa Sri Hartamas , Souled Out.
Always wondered the meaning behind the name of the place , is it where you gain back your soul during the weekend? Or you will forget your soul because the place is too awesome?Or are they trying to imply they have "sold out" meaning the food is way too awesome to have any leftovers, just wondering.....

SOULed Out
Here comes the dishes..
Is a thin crust pizza topped with salmon silvers, lollo rosso, ebiko, wasabi, mayonnaise,cherry tomatoes.
Quite confuse about the taste. it feels like eating sushi without rice =s
btw, I liked how the mild wasabi and mayonnaise complemented the salmon slivers.
was sinfully rich with bacon and garlic cream sauce.
 the sauce was really good *recommanded*

 Comes with marrinated chicken, corn, bbq sauce, pepper and tomato salsa.
and here comes mine...
is a boneless chicken leg wrapped with ham, cheddar cheese and sausage with cold mayo 
vege and fries. To be honest the taste is really so-so. not understand why they put "Lip smacking" logo on the menu. hmmm...
Home made beef patty with lettuce and cheddar chesse served with fries.
and drinks most of us order fruit coktail juice that cost around RM8-RM13 =)
  then, its camwhore time =D
  me with yvonne, our organiser, hope u"ll get flying colours in your exam and
  have a good life in aussie ^^
^^ GIRLS ^^


20, Jalan 30/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2300 1955
General: 03 2300 1929

Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 8/10
Verdict: A great hangout place with good booze and hearty fares.